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Wooden Sports Flooring

After completion of the civil construction, we undertake to lay out the Sundek Air Cush Wooden Flooring system wherein we use kiln dried FSC certified imported Oak, Teak, Maple or Beech wood surface board and the base frame of imported Fir, Spruce or Pine wood. After installation, the floor is machine sanded in uniform level and finished with imported non‐skid DIN certified polyurethane lacquer.All other accessories related to the arena are also available with us.

Rebound Ace Synthetic Flooring
Preparation of strong and reliable base is a must for the construction of a synthetic hard court. The rebound Ace synthetic material can be applied on asphalt or concrete base. The court can be prepared in different cushion thicknesses depending on level of players and budget. We also provide chain link fencing, lighting and storm water system in the court.
basketball court flooring
Length of a basketball court
94 feet (1128 inches)
Width of a basketball court
50 feet (600 inches)
Size of a basketball backboard
Width: 6 feet (72 inches)
Height: 3.5 feet (42 inches)
Size of a basketball rim
The diameter of the rim is 18 inches.The top of the rim should be exactly 10 feet (120 inches) off the ground.
Distance from the backboard to the back of the rim
6 inches

For Your Information

There are basically two main defensive strategies in basketball.They are as given below:
Zone defense ‐ It involves players in defensive positions guarding whichever opponents are in their zone.
Man‐to‐man defense ‐ In this each of the defensive player guards a specific opponent and tries to prevent him from taking action.