Athletic Field Running Track Construction

Pre-Fabricated Rubber Athletic / Running Track

The prefabricated rubber athletic track surfaces are globally recognized. The prefabricated rubber athletic tracks have come as a replacement of the traditional PU track. The one-time embossing and workmanship gives the product very good quality and at the same time strong resistance to water, anti-slippery, shock-absorbent, excellent elasticity, anti-aging and long lasting durability. And further, the biggest advantage of the pre-fabricated mat is that the rubber granules do not break off from the surface. The pre fabricated mat is IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) approved and is totally environmentally friendly.

The rubber mat is primarily made of natural rubber and in two layers. The upper layer is harder than the lower layer and the elasticity of each layer is different. The top surface is moulded with irregular convex lines while the back has a waffle like pattern forming 8400 concave air cushions per square meter of the track. The surface has excellent anti-slip, elasticity and shock absorbing properties which makes the players less susceptible to pain.

Both the top and bottom layer is vulcanized at high temperature after calendaring and embossing on both the sides. This ensures that the top and bottom layers become bonded together and there is no split between the two.